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Foz do Iguaçu

We have been supporting these tribes since 2015. This year (2021) I was able to go minister to them. There are currently 25 tribes who have a trained missionary to start a church. Best part is that these missionaries are from their own tribes! There are approximately 24 more tribes asking for help. Missionary Valter has ented a small home to use as a bible college. This home will host 14 students at a time.

Partenon, Brazil

In November of 2016 I began working on planting a church in one of the darkest areas in all of Brazil.  Partenon Brazil is known for Umbanda which is an Afro religion. Umbanda mixes the catholic faith and voodoo.  The people are in such poverty and so desperate that they are willing to sell their souls for the promise of prosperity.  We planted a church here to be the light and to be Christ in that community!  We are running 50-60 people in a small house and are about to launch small groups to continue growing!

Alvorada, Brazil

March 2018 we launched our second church plant in the city of Alvorada, Brazil. Alvorada is known as the "Capital of Solidarity".  This city suffers from heavy crime and squatting.  The largest favela here is in the subdivision of Umbu.  There is a population of 195,718 and a problem with drug and arms trafficking. This church is currently running 5 small groups.

    Brasilia, Brazil

    Sandro & Miria are from the church in Partenon.  They are a military family who moved to Brasilia, the Capitol of Brazil.  They have since started a new church plant under The Timothy Center!  
    Brasilia is the third most populated city in Brazil.  This city is home to many embassy workers and has immigrants and refugees.  We are so excited to be planting a church in this location! 


    Favela Outreach in Capão da Canoa, Brazil